Note – some manuals in this section are in pdf format. To download your free Adobe Acrobat pdf reader Click Here. Click for Manuals. Where is the model number on my machine? Is it the number stamped on the right front corner on the flat part of the machine? Singer didn’t put the model numbers on their domestic machines before the early ‘s, hence the need for this chart. The number stamped on the bed of the machine is the serial number; both letters and numbers. My machine isn’t black. This page is for identifying older black-coloured Singer machines.

Singer Serial Numbers Revealed: How Old Is Your Sewing Machine?

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Link: Dating singer treadle sewing machines. Her publications reflect her experience in these fields and her knowledge of psychology, parenting and juvenile.

Please create an account, or Log in here. If you don’t have an account, create one here. A local restaurant that used old cast iron sewing machine bases for some of their tables solid copper tops recently closed and I acquired three of the tables. This particular one is pretty neat and I am pretty sure it is a Singer base looking at the art of the legs. The logo seems overly complex with an outer horse shoe design with the swept “S” in the center and then what appears to be an anchor shape with a couple hooved legs coming out of the bottom.

And if that’s not enough, there is an ampersand symbol in the middle of it all as well. Questions is, can anyone tell me what particular era this style base was made during? This one has a relatively small primary pulley compared to others I have seen and even the treadle seems a bit small.

How Old Is My Singer Sewing Machine? (Value, Models, History)

The Singer Company took a major step forward with the launch of its Vibrating Shuttle machine which was introduced in the V. Early versions of the V. S 2 with a rectangular bed had been introduced. This was re designated the Model 27 and around the machine was again updated and became the Model The V. Manufactured as a hand crank and treadle machine the Singer 28K is one of the most commonly found machines in the UK, most have ornate gold decals however as can be seen from the photographs there were some beautiful coloured decals used on these machines.

Singer didn’t put the model numbers on their domestic machines before the Check out the tables showing date of manufacture on the Singer Company site. 9​.

If viewing the chart below on a mobile device, it is best viewed horizontally. John’s, Quebec, Canada a few were partially manufactured in Kilbowie and then sent to Canada for finishing With the exception of motor voltage, belt drive, and some minor cosmetic differences, all models remained fundamentally the same from through the ‘s. A Featherweight is a is a ; the suffix does not change or alter the model classification.

Moreover, the dash or “-1” indication on some years actually remains unknown. The records contained herein is all that Singer provided and Featherweight historians obtained. You can refer to the Featherweight Historical Timeline for more details about those changes. A few Singer Featherweights were included in this series.

Find Your Model #

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Singer. One of the biggest and oldest names in sewing machine history types including hand-cranked machines, the Parlor Cabinet Treadle.

Singer sewing machines have a long and rich history, dating as far back as These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time. Some of the older models are highly sought after by collectors and sewing enthusiasts. You might have picked up a rare antique. So, how old is my Singer sewing machine? To identify when a model was made, you need to first find the Singer sewing machine serial number.

Singers have always been marked with serial numbers ever since production began. Each number is corresponding to a model from a certain date, and even location. All Singer sewing machines up until have no letter prefix, and came from all around the world. The Singer company eventually managed their production from all their factories to match up with the serial number flow.

By matching the serial number to the corresponding date, you can determine the exact age of the machine.

Find sewing machine model number from serial number

I have a Eldredge treadle. It was gifted to me in ’09 after my bf’s grandmother passed. It has sat around all these years and I’ve finally overcome my fear and decided to restore the treadle.

The majority of classic Singer machines came from one of these factories. the treadle is an early wide model with singer marks on end but oval ring You’ve most likely checked ISMACS that dates Bobby at Aug 27

Singer sewing machines date to when Isaac Merritt Singer started a sewing machine company. Singer was convinced he could design a better sewing machine than the available models of that time. With the thousands of styles and designs that were made, it could require some effort to date your Singer sewing machines to the exact year of production.

Still in existence as of , the Singer Sewing Machine Company itself is a useful resource for information about your machines. Look for the Singer name on the front of your machine to confirm its identity as a Singer sewing machine. Whether it is a brand new or vintage machine, the Singer brand name will be on the machine. On some of the older models, which might have the brand name painted onto the finish of the machine, the lettering might be too scratched or faded to read.

Consequently, you may have to try to use the model and serial numbers as you go through the process of dating the machine. Find the serial number of the machine. The serial number will not be the same as the model number. Typically, the serial number can be found on the lower backside or the underside of the machine.

Singer Factories – St. John’s, Quebec, Canada

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Find Your Model #. For sewing machines manufactured since about , look for the model number on the handwheel side of the machine near the on/off switch.

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Dating an Eldredge Treadle Sewing Machine?

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Unlike Singer, they did not offer many different models, or change models very often. White took over the Domestic and King sewing machine companies and (still in business) has some serial number records and will date machines.

Post a Comment. Social Icons. Here in The Quilting Room, we get a lot of questions about both antique and vintage Singer sewing machines. Anything from dating the machines, identifying the machine, how to use the machine, and more. Hopefully, this post will help answer all those questions and more for you. You are still welcome to email us questions but I know there is a delay in email and sometimes you need an answer now. This is typically one or two letters and then a string of numbers.

The very early Singer Sewing machines do not have a letter.

Singer 99 Sewing Machine in 263