Rubber Soul was another album for Christmas – released on 3rd December, just two weeks after final mixing had taken place. Following the release of their previous album The Beatles had undertaken a momentous tour of the USA and Canada including a record breaking appearance at New York’s famous Shea Stadium. Following a deserved holiday, the guys returned to the studios in mid October, not only to record the album but also a new single – their first double A-side featuring “Day Tripper” and “We Can Work It Out”. The album consisted of eleven songs by John and Paul, two by George and another with the unique writing credit of Lennon-McCartney-Starkey. Rubber Soul was also the last Beatles album for which Norman Smith manned the control desk. He took his leave after six albums and eleven singles going on to produce Pink Floyd and later still to enjoy success as ‘Hurricane’ Smith. The front cover photograph of Rubber Soul was again taken by Robert Freeman but the way the faces appear slightly distorted on the sleeve was a result on a happy accident while the image was being projected. It is also interesting to note that the group’s name is absent from the front of the sleeve.

Revisiting the Beatles’ Forgotten, Semi-Illegal First U.S. LP

When it comes to record collecting, some artists are more popular with collectors than others. No artist, however, is quite as collectible as the Beatles, though Elvis Presley comes close. Despite being available for more than fifty years and with most of their records never going out of print, Beatles albums draw more interest, and sell for more money, than those by any other artist. Later issues, reissues, limited edition items and compilation Beatles albums assembled long after the group broke up in are also of interest to record collectors.

Click here to view our selection of Beatles albums. While collectors worldwide are usually the most interested in Beatles albums from the country in which they live, there is also a lot of collector interest in Beatles albums from two countries in particular — Great Britain and the United States.

The lack of stamper codes, or other vinyl-dating information, makes it impossible to date pressings/labels beyond the approximate date of a label-style transition.

I Love You. Their first record but they already have a strong following and this seems to be the strongest outsider of the week. The reviewer thought the song dragged in the middle and characterized the B-side as poorly arranged. This bright ditty has a tingling Latin taste to it. They have written their own material and provided their own vocal performance. I wish these four go-ahead young men the very best of good fortune with their initial Parlophone release.

Reviews of later Beatles releases often contained similar expressions of initial disappointment replaced by admiration after repeated listens. This was due in part to the higher and higher expectations for each new record issued by the group. Despite respectable chart action, EMI was disappointed with the initial sales of the single, which stood at about 17, units by the end of

Separate fact from fiction with Introducing The Beatles

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It was released by Vee-Jay Records on Jan. The story of how and why this happened began about a year earlier. When the group’s second single, ” Please Please Me “, was released in the U. But Capitol turned it down. The company released the song on Feb. At the time, albums in the U.

The Beatles – Abbey Road 50th Anniversary

The concept and administration of beatlesaustralia. Facts and figures published on this site are compiled and updated by respected Beatles researcher and audiophile, Jaesen Jones. While the historical data and technical information published on this site is accurate insofar as existing verifiable documentation allows, it needs be underlined , italicised and emboldened that there is a trove of data which currently resides exclusively in the hands of one or more Australian collectors which could easily debunk some, much, or even all of what is currently understood or ‘known’ about the manufacture and distribution of Beatles records in Australia.

Whether that El Dorado of hitherto unpublished data ever sees this side of the filing cabinet is anybody’s guess – but hope springs eternal.

The Beatles – Albums – US Singles. They ended up bringing the release date forward seventeen days to cash in on the massive airplay. It ended up selling a.

In this section, which is the discography itself, we systematically review the “Belgian” Beatles and solo-Beatles singles, as they are presently known to us. For Long Playing records, we only give the title of the LP. In the s, all Beatles singles in Belgium, except two, were issued on Parlophone. During the first half of the seventies John, Paul, George and Ringo operated on their own Apple label. The catalogue number consists of a prefix and a number. This was used exclusively for records destined for export.

They were sometimes actually pressed in the UK on the English Parlophone label and then sold in another country. Sometimes they were pressed abroad with the DP prefix on the country’s own Parlophone label.

Beatles Abbey Road – which one?

The edition of the album can make the difference between a record worth a couple of bucks and one worth several hundred dollars. If you’re a serious record collector, nothing but a first edition will do. For Beatles records, this means knowing the design quirks for each of the various record releases, as well as a few commonalities that are true to all first pressings of Beatles albums. Once you’ve educated yourself about these records, you’ll be able to spot and purchase these records if you find them at a used record shop or a garage sale.

For your $, you get all 10 Beatles albums — in mono — encased in The official release date was Oct. 2, and was first released here.

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50 Years Ago: EMI Releases First Beatles Single

The first label variation on which Beatles records were pressed was the classic black label with a rainbow color band. This variation of the Black Rainbow label was first issued in the early sixties T and has a glossy label. This label variation was kept until where Capitol Records of Canada was re-incorporated to Capitol Records Canada. Labels then had the CANADA in brackets, making it easier to differentiate early sixties pressings from late sixties repressings.

Why don’t The Beatles hold the title for the best selling album, if they’ve sold over million combined albums to date? 4 Answers. Joe Gera, BA Theatre.

For a band that released its first single in , the Beatles have amazing longevity. The release of the Rock Band game today and a series of remastered albums has sparked renewed interest in the band that never went away, despite the death of two of its members. The Beatles Rock Band is the first game officially endorsed by the group. Behind that interest lie decades of hits – all detailed here, thanks to the Official Charts Company.

We’ve got the chart positions of each single plus every album released in the UK – plus the number of weeks they were on the chart and how many got to number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Flickr Please post your visualisations and mash-ups on our Flickr group or mail us at datastore guardian. Turn autoplay off Turn autoplay on.

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold

Here are the main titles in the order they were originally recorded and released. All the tracks are now available on various CDs, but not in the order they were originally made and issued. This table shows the albums and singles in chronological order, with recording and UK release dates EPs that duplicated other releases are omitted.

Search our archive of The Beatles items sold at auctions. The only Free Sort: End date: newest first. End date: The Beatles “Let It Be” UK Press Vinyl LP Apple Records PCS YEX VG+. Sold for USD.

This is not correct. The original back cover to the album contains miniature pictures of the covers of 25 Vee-Jay albums, including five that feature the brackets logo. Because the brackets logo did not make its debut until October of , Introducing The Beatles could not have been issued prior to that time. This has led Beatles historians to conclude that the album was initially distributed in November of This is also incorrect.

The documentary evidence detailed below proves that the album was not released until January of Although Vee-Jay did not issue Introducing the Beatles until , Vee-Jay documents indicate that the company took initial steps towards the album’s release at a much earlier time. Vee-Jay maintained a master book in which numbers were assigned in chronological order to all songs and album sides mastered for the company. The songs from Parlophone’s Please Please Me album, which were later issued on Introducing the Beatles, were entered into the master book in April or May of The remaining songs, starting with I Saw Her Standing There , were assigned master numbers through Exhibits filed in Vee-Jay’s New York lawsuit against Capitol Records demonstrate that the company began preparations in June of for the album’s release.

These are the matrix numbers assigned to side one and side two of Introducing The Beatles. The invoice further indicates that mono and stereo lacquers were sent by Air Express to Audio Matrix.

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