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Zhu , Wade-Giles romanization chu , ancient Chinese struck half-tube zither , now obsolete. Early forms had five strings that appear to have been struck with a bamboo stick. The instrument was narrow and slightly convex on top, and the strings were passed over bridges possibly movable at both ends. Surviving examples range in length from about 93 cm to about cm 36 to 46 inches.

It was one of several zithers used in ancient China; others included the qin , se , and zheng , all of which have remained in use. The zhu first appeared no later than the Warring States period — bc.

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An audiologist and a physician, both flutists, offer a primer on hearing loss. Find related online information here. Mitchell, MD. A new translation of the autobiography of virtuoso Severino Gazzelloni will be available early next year. Hear him play here. Listen to musical excerpts. The Spring issue of The Flutist Quarterly includes an excerpt by Angela McCuiston, detailing a plethora of exercises that can help flutists reduce playing-related pain or numbness.

Watch a sampling of exercise videos and images here.

Armstrong 104 Student Flute

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Based on our years of serving the flute community, the Carolyn Nussbaum Appraisals beyond an initial period of time following the date of purchase may.

Flute Day. January 13, Winners will be announced directly following Ms. She is highly regarded for expanding the repertoire through her commissions, arrangements, and compositions. Her Syrinx Journey project, a tribute to Claude Debussy on his th anniversary, garnered an international following. A Spanish-speaker, Ms. She currently performs as flutist with the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra.

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A walk through of flutes in Australian Flute maker, Terry McGee’s flute collection. On first viewing, you might mistake this flute for a cheap modern replica, but indeed it dates from the mid 19th century. None the less Armstrong Model

Order by:. Available to:. Sterling Silver Flute Headjoint by Armstrong. Gold lip, thin wall Flute Headjoint. This is a popular alternative, featuring slightly more undercutting Players with developed embouchures note its warm sound and good flexibility throughout its range. They also comment favorably on its excellent combination of brightness and resistance. Armstrong Flute. The case is funtional and seems to be in good condition.

What is in pix is actual item. I do not play the flute even though I have my own.

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The rhythm Shakespeare uses in his plays is called iambic pentameter, which is like a heartbeat, with one soft beat and one strong beat repeated five times. For over half a century, LP has crafted classic percussion instruments as well as patented hundreds of improvements and new designs for musical instruments that meet the exacting standards of professional musicians.

The habanera rhythm, a Cuban form of syncopation, is used as the rhythmic pulse for some Latin and jazz pieces. Of all the post-swing styles, Latin Jazz has been the most consistently popular and it is easy to see why. The term circadian comes from the Latin words circa which means “around” and dies which means “day”.

A quick search also reveals that these online chatroom discussions date back several years. Brand quality changes very fast, and an article or.

Stolen Flutes Related Content and sort options :. Related Content and sort options. Flute Performance Jobs. Flute Teaching Jobs. Flute Courses. Flute Competitions. Flute Sales. Silver Flute Brannen ser. Disappeared from Top Wind shop in London February The shop told me they had let the instrument go to Germany on approval….

Resona flute lost on the train. North Hollywood Division Police incident report:

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Updated April 05, by Christopher Thomas. This wiki has been updated 19 times since it was first published in October of Each is designed to be easy to hold and play, which helps students transition from beginner to accomplished performer.

Visit for up-to-date information. Evapack What makes the Evapack pressure drop lower is the 30°/30° flute angle the media uses​.

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Tightening Loose Flute Pivot Screws on Armstrong and Gemeinhardt