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Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

If viewing the chart below on a mobile device, it is best viewed horizontally. John’s, Quebec, Canada a few were partially manufactured in Kilbowie and then sent to Canada for finishing With the exception of motor voltage, belt drive, and some minor cosmetic differences, all models remained fundamentally the same from through the ‘s.

A Featherweight is a is a ; the suffix does not change or alter the model classification. Moreover, the dash or “-1” indication on some years actually remains unknown. The records contained herein is all that Singer provided and Featherweight historians obtained.

Sewing Machine Singer Featherweight – Dating Your Machine – The Singer The simple answer is that pinpointing an exact date for any vintage.

All sewing machines — even vintage models — have serial numbers imprinted on them. Usually, the serial number is located somewhere on small plate on the front panel of the machine. Once you have located the serial number, jot them down. Now that you have the serial number, you can dive into the history of the machine by doing a little bit of research. There are plenty of places that offer sewing help , including assistance with identifying a vintage sewing machine.

In fact, you can even find charts online, or you could ask a local seamstress for some input. Another option is to speak to someone that specializes in antiques.

How to Identify a Vintage Sewing Machine

If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the search function to see if there is any mention of it on our site. The International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society is the premiere sewing machine collector’s group.

For dating information on many Bradbury models contact us and register your Bradbury Sewing Machine. Duke of Wellington Trade Mark. Established in ,​.

These machines are quite sought after by collectors and if they are put on auctions they are sold at good price. These are considered beautiful pieces of antique history and are much popular among sewing enthusiasts. If you own a piece of antique Singer sewing machine, you must know dating Singer sewing machines. If you want to know more read the following. Finding the model number of Singer sewing machine is easy. The Singer Sewing machines are being manufactured since long but after the way of marking the model numbers was changed.

If you have a model that is not older than , you can check for the model number on the hand wheel side. If the Singer Sewing machine is manufactured in s or s, you can easily find the model number on the front panel of the machine.

Dating Your Singer Featherweight

If you one of the lucky people that own or inherited an old, antique Singer sewing machine, you may want to know how old it is and how much it is worth!! If you go over to Ebay, you can check out what people are paying for these old, antique Singer sewing machines. First, I will show you where to find the serial number and enter it into a database to find the year it was issued.

Finding the model number is harder and may need some digging. Ok, now to the meat and potatoes of this article.

I think I’ve met the machine I’m going to marry!! 😉 This guy’s (gal’s) dates are a bit off tho the serial number for my machine shows on his list as.

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How to Identify A Singer Sewing Machine By the Serial Number

The letters before a serial number refer to the production plant location. Replacement parts often have serial numbers or patent numbers embossed or stamped somewhere, as well. If your machine is missing the serial number, contact Singer Consumer Affairs for assistance in determining its age. You can also email at singer cox. Singer sewing machines have existed since From the cast iron treadle-operated machines before the advent of electricity, to the iron “modern” machines of the ‘s, many a seamstress has owned a Singer.

Seen the full assortment of Singer sewing machines lately? If you have an antique store or pawn shop near you, ask them what they would give you for your​.

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Other Vintage Sewing Machines

The Story of the May Sisters. By the late ‘s, virtually all sewing machines had evolved to the same utilitarian design we still see today. While practical, this universal sameness has made us forget the golden age of sewing machines, when every manufacturer had unique designs ofte n featuring elaborate scrollwork frames and beautiful illustrations. Come with me as we turn back the pages of time to an era when sewings machines could cost as much as a year’s wages and were status symbols as important as Rolex watches and smart phones are today.

May 16, – Dating a vintage or antique sewing machine, How old is it..? – Find sewing machine model number from serial number.

Vintage sewing machine cabinets range from beautiful antiques to practical, usable, high quality pieces. Knowing more about your vintage sewing machine cabinet can help you make the most of this addition to your home. Dating a vintage sewing table can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style. Look for a label or manufacturer on the cabinet itself. This piece of information can help you date the cabinet. Check inside any drawers and on the underside of the cabinet for this information.

You may even find a date of manufacture printed on your vintage sewing cabinet. Date the sewing machine.

Refurbishing a Vintage Sewing Machine, a Beginner’s Guide