With Update 9. Listening to the community the team improved not only the matchmaking system, but also took a necessary look at light tanks and artillery. Acting upon the lessons learnt, they supported the release with massive coverage on the website and forums, walking players through every change 9. On its way to production servers, the update went through the total of five Sandbox and three Common tests and was released in North American, two weeks ahead of the global launch. What was the reason for this multi-stage cautiousness? Did it pay off? Matchmaker and SPGs called for the most thorough investigation and meticulous approach, with multiple rounds of testing. We made a few rushed changes in the past and the last thing we wanted with 9. So, we started working in Sandbox, nearly a year before the 9.

Insider: Wargaming Thoughts on Arty

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I just want to say that I came to WoT mainly because I liked artillery and and TDs were introduced – matchmaking was reduced and changed.

Here it is — I deleted the names of course as per request of the Insider, but I do know them and I confirmed they are legit. There is a part where SerB is raging — in Russian. The first part of the mail conversation takes place many months ago around the time before the Great Arty Nerf 8. Developer 2 RU : What arty problems? Developer 3 RU : Artywhiners. Developer 6 US : There are obviously some artillery that needs a remodel on their damage physics, SU is taken for granted the French bagels too..

US8425330B1 – Dynamic battle session matchmaking in a multiplayer game – Google Patents

Instead this post is my view on how the current system could be improved to make World of Tanks better overall and also put a stop to the endless cycle of re -balancing tanks due to tanks becoming to good or to bad as time progresses. For example the newest German tank destroyer line and how a few of the tank destroyers clearly outclass especially the tier 10 anything in their tier.

For a complete explanation of how World of Tanks matchmaking currently works then hop over to the World of Tanks wiki. I am going to do a short recap to highlight the important bits.

Last but not been able to the matchmaking page on twitch follow wot forum; empfohlene links here at tmc. K v. All, the artillery’s fire once you’ve been spotted.

In theory, World of Tanks is defined by the gameplay and vehicles at the maximum tier of X. There’s little debate that this is the most challenging tier to play at, and any WoT player who would like to claim some genuine skill at the game can’t really do so without proficiency at tier X. However, that’s far from the whole story – tier VIII is where much of the action is in the game and it is here that Wargaming in recent years has really concentrated its monetization efforts with the introduction of a hefty number of Premium vehicles.

Some would argue that too many premium vehicles have been introduced – at a time when major balance issues exist in a sizable number of tech tree vehicles. Of course, premium vehicles have contributed to this “power creep” and many of them are now flat out better than the tech tree counterparts. Good play does. Yet to make WoT a viable game, a premium vehicle with the enhanced credit-making potential they bring is simply a requirement for the average player.

Not to mention the crew training benefits they can have, depending on their compatibility with other standard vehicles of the same nation and class.

World of Tanks – Fixing the Core

Jump to content. So, as most of us know, our dear beloved ammo-racker the T49 will sadly be nerfed to a near point of uselessness and will no longer be as powerful as it is still is now. I heard someone remark that the Arty is the Tier III t49, and that was so accurate and honest, those words really sum this tank up It has a lesser ammo-rack vulnerability though. The BT-7 Artillery is an extremely fun machine for those who use it right, Watching damage and more dealt to poor tier 3 s lets you relish the schadenfreude you feel, unwitting players feel when dmg of Soviet HE goes through it’s armor.

It can damage modules easily if you can pen and know a place.

World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery). World of Tanks Tier 10 Light Tanks. World of Tanks New MatchMaking System. Few days I ago.

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I hope this will save a lot of my nerves. Next good thing You guys could do is some sort of IQ test before installing game : that, together with this new matchmaker, would make game a true gem and fair balanced battle. I hope its juster better than now Why are tier IV lights still tier 10 effective? Shouldn’t scouting roles against tier 10 tanks be left to more apt tanks like the Chaffee, T, and VK ? It’s the same thing as putting an M7 in a game where a Pershing belongs imo.

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► Patch 9.18 – New Artillery, Tier 10 Light Tanks, New Matchmaker! – World of Tanks 9.18 Update

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Most light tanks sacrifice armor protection for speed and maneuverability. This makes light tanks the fastest class of vehicles in the game, but also the most fragile second only to Artillery. They lack the armor necessary to protect them from most guns in the game and are especially vulnerable to ramming. Light tanks usually feature smaller, rapid fire guns and typically fall just short of medium tanks with regards to firepower though this disparity becomes smaller in the higher tiers.

In return for their lack of firepower and protection, light tanks get superb view ranges and also benefit from great camo values which stay the same regardless of whether the tank is stationary or moving a feature unique to light tanks. Light tanks prior to update 9. Because of their physical frailty and their strong spotting and concealment abilities, light tanks are usually best played as scouts.

World Of Tanks New Matchmaker! New Artillery! Tier 10 Light Tanks 9.18 Update